Smile It Forward | How We Do It

How We Do It

There are many reasons why dental professionals do not donate their time and talents. Smile it Forward is committed to removing those barriers.


Reason: I have no idea how to host an event

Let Smile it Forward help you plan your event. We can assist organizing your event, creating your event page, creating flyers, getting materials and more.

Reason: I don’t have time to organize an event

Use this as a team building opportunity for your staff.  Allow them to choose the organization to support, make contact and coordinate the details for you.

Reason: I don’t have a website or any marketing to promote an event

Smile it Forward will post the details of your event on our website. We have template flyers and handouts that can be customized for your use. Have the organization that you are helping do the legwork of promoting your event.

Reason: I don't want my office bombarded with calls about an event

There is no need to provide your office telephone number.  Details of your event including date, time, location, forms, follow-up care, etc. can be listed on the event page that we create for you on the Smile it Forward website.

Reason: I don’t want the appearance that I only do charitable work to bring in new patients.

Don’t advertise the event on your website. Instead, have Smile it Forward post the details of your event. We will create a page on our website that is password protected so that only those you invite to view your event will have access.

Reason: If I give away free dental work, the crowd will be more than I can handle.

First, establish limits on treatment. For your first event we suggest keeping it simple with just fillings and extractions.

Second, target who you want to give care to and establish a first-come, first-served limit for your event. Do you have a cause that is personal to you or your staff? An event is more successful when the organizers have a vested interest in those they are serving.

Reason: I have a small office and can’t help that many people

Serve as many as you can. Whether that is 1 or 100, what’s most important is your service. You can even volunteer your time to another event. Smile it Forward will do our best to match available volunteers to upcoming events.

Reason: If I volunteer for another event, I don't want to be promoting the competition

Because Smile it Forward is doing the promotion for the event, there is no fear of promoting the competition. As part of the pledge, no one is allowed to promote their event by their own means. Once the event starts, all participants will have equal opportunity of promoting their involvement via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Reason: If I host a free dental day, my paying patients will just wait until the event to get care.

Don’t advertise it. By posting your event on Smile it Forward, only the patients you target will have access to information about the event

Reason: I don’t have the financial ability to host a free care day

The real cost of hosting an event should mainly be time and a limited amount of supplies. Only volunteer what you can handle. Approach your suppliers for sample materials so you can limit your hard costs. Remember, to the individual you helped, it didn’t matter if they were one out of a hundred or just one. What matters is that you helped someone.

Reason: What if people just visit the Smile it Forward website to find out where they can get free care?

Event pages are password protected so that only people you designate will have access to the details. Once the event is over, the details will be opened to the public so that there is easier access to follow-up care instructions.