Smile It Forward | About Us

About Us

Smile it Forward was created by a small group of like-minded dental professionals for the sole purpose of giving back to the Las Vegas community. The goal of our organization is to encourage the hundreds of dental offices across the Valley to support the community by performing free dental care to those in need.

Because we believe that a genuine desire to give back should be the driving force of every event, Smile it Forward will not provide the last name of any participating dentists so that an event cannot be used as a direct marketing tool to promote new business.

Also, by posting an event on the Smile it Forward website, participating dentists and practices agree to refrain from promoting the event on Facebook, Twitter, practice websites, and other marketing mediums until the event is underway.

Smile it Forward is a completely self funded organization and does not charge for any services.  Our role is to provide all the tools to make it easier to host a successful event.  Before any event, we urge dentists and practices to consult their attorneys and malpractice/liability carriers to ensure that they have the proper coverage to safely participate in these events.  Also, although we have template versions of common forms including, medical history, HIPAA notices and informed consent, we again suggest that you check with your attorneys and malpractice/liability carriers.